[H] <Mildly Inappropriate> Recruiting to round out 2 teams for phase 3. Saturdays 8:30pm

We are Mildly Inappropriate!

We are mostly made up of parents and working professionals that play the game to unwind, not to create something that rivals the time and commitment of a second job.

While most of us have played vanilla, classic and/or retail, we are a new group of SOD focused players. We enjoy raiding but we also enjoy playing the game! We aren’t full of raid loggers but are fairly active in dungeons/questing/leveling.

For raids, our expectation is that raiders come prepared to help us efficiently clear. We aren’t into parsing or speed clears but do strive to better ourselves week to week.

We have been consistently running 5-6 groups per lockout for Gnomer and are looking to get 2 solid teams going for Phase 3. We are looking for people that can commit to raiding each lockout (barring unforeseen circumstances). We can take small groups of up to 5-7 people as well if that is your situation.

We raid Saturdays at 8:30pm. If this phase needs more time to clear then Tuesday is the other day we will add to the schedule.

Loot is 1SR>MS>OS+1

If interested please message me in-game Tantric#1672

Looking forward to phase 3 and meeting some new friends!