[H] < Mestov > (US-Illidan) 10/10H, 2/10M is recruiting Ranged DPS & Heals

need those big heals

need more mail

still loooooking

spicy chicken nuggets

looking for some pumpers and bar fillers

need a shaman friend

can i get some bumpers?

hello, we need the damage

chucky bumpster. show me your deeeeps

i’d love roughly 3 big pumpers

bump me, baby bird

hello i need the damage

doug dimabump

give me the sauce

whose got the bumps?

where are the tanks at

214 hunter and i have a friend 212 healer we both wanna server transfer

also have a 201 monk healer and he has a 211 pally tank

friend of the grummels

ook my dooker, mr grummel