[H] <Masquerade> (5/12M) - Weekend guild pushing for CE

Newly reformed guild made by Cutting Edge raiders. Leadership of guild has been raiding content since the beginning of game, Obtained CE level things before it was CE (Immortal title).

Core of previous guild coming back, just need to fill out ranks to return to raiding. Looking for players who can be efficient, and have fun. We are all too busy to raid a lot, so we must raid well to get CE.

Raid times: Sat/Sun 7-11 pm server time.

Battletag Vycos#1655

We have started to push mythics, and are looking for a few more players who are mythic ready to join the team. We have pushed 5 mythic bosses down in just 11 raids, all while having a fun atmosphere. Come have a talk with us.

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Updated info!

Still looking for a couple people

Need some rdps and some healers. PST

Bump, this guild is awesome come join us! we like to get stuff done.

Updated info!

still looking for some rdps

guild just died. dont look here

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