[H] Martha Stewart: Fri/Sat 9-12 PM server - 12/15 Naxx

[Martha Stewart] | Horde [H]: 9 PM PST Fri/Saturday

is now recruiting for full raid spots! We are a guild founded on the principles of community and having fun! Our goal is to provide an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable for all of our members.

Our current progress is 12/15 Naxx, BWL clear time of 49 min + 9/9 AQ40 (1 hour 20 min clear)

Current raid times are:
Naxx Fridays/Saturdays @ 9 PM.
AQ40 GDKP sunday @ 9
MC GDKP Tuesday (Sometimes saturday instead) @ 9 PM + two other days (not scheduled, tends to be sunday/saturday earlier in the day)
BWL GDKP Wednesdays @ 9PM
ZG/Onyxia/AQ20 GDKPs put together throughout the week.

We expect our raiders to be fully prepped for raid, from being repaired to having their consumes to knowing the fights. Raiders should be able to maintain a high attendance.

World buffs are highly encouraged, they are strong but honestly not necessary for the current content. Certain roles (such as tanks) will probably be required to get certain world buffs, but the rest are to your discretion. We do run buff groups!

Loot is handled by a hybrid soft res / LC system.

We’re currently seeking: A resto shaman

All exceptional applicants will be considered.

hmu in game or via btag!


Bump for the stewart

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Hey, it’s tuesday! Hell yea!

Still LFM!

Looking for warlocks! :slight_smile:

Looking for resto shamans!

Still lookin :slight_smile:


LF more to squish these bugs!

LF a resto shaman!

LF a healer + DPS! Twin emps down!

Stewart, guide us to resto druids, shamans, priests and warrior dps.

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still LFM!

R1 got a one night clear of BWL + AQ40! Good work team!

Bump for hour 20 AQ clear! short of our goal by 20 seconds, but that’s all good!

LF resto shamans and warriors

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Where them healers at?