[H] Mankrik | <Vanilla Extract> | T/W 9PM-12 ST | 10/10 Pre-Nerf Semi-Hardcore | LF Enh Shaman

Vanilla Extract is looking for an Enhancement Shaman to fill an immediate trail spot leading up to BT/Hyjal. We quickly cleared SSC and TK and will clear Hyjal/BT the first week of release.

Loot System

  • Modified Onslaught Loot System. No Loot Council. Show up, perform, get rewarded for your time.

Experience / Gear Requested

  • 10/10 SSC/TK
  • Phase 1/2 BIS

Raid Expectations

  • Full consumes and strong attendance.
  • Understand your class - don’t be an enhancement shaman that doesn’t totem twist
  • Understand fights, your role during them, and execute

We operate with the primary understanding that we don’t waste the time of the other 24 people who are with us. This doesn’t mean that mistakes don’t happen, wipes don’t happen, etc. but effort should be taken by every member to be focused, perform, and prepared to prevent them.


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You require more Shaman

Please help our melee or we’ll have to cut them from the raid!

Save me from dropping melee totems

Enhance Shaman here, was 9/10 pre nerf and then took an unintentional break and looking for a new home for the rest of TBC now.