[H] [Mankrik-US] <Dawn>13/14,7/10HM LF MORNING RAIDERS 10am-1:30pm Wed/thursday

now providing flasks and repairs. Any Holy Paladinssss?

Starting up 25 man alt runs again as well soon.

HPAL? pst with intent to ownage


Thorim, Freya and XT hardmodes down.

lets get some more dps. bored folks not wanting to play the game after beating yogg…whos not bored still and wants these hardmodes? lets go

need strong dps

Still looking for more raiders in the morning

general hardmode down today…1 light tomorrow

1 light down…seconds from hardmode council today.

Started up the friday alt runs again. 25 man ulduar cleared with alts/pugs in 2 hrs 40 minutes.

4 tower flame down and hodir hm today. Getting firefighter tomorrow and pulling Algalon if all goes to plan.

bump for all of our new trials being cracked at the game

Still could use a few solid dps. Come play in the morning…we’re still rolling.

Today is the greatest
Day I’ve ever known
Can’t wait for tomorrow
I might not have that long

Need a tank right now. Also a few dps. Preferred locks/mages

Hello Guys,

Come raid with Dawn.

Need some good dps, melee or ranged.