[H] [Mankrik-US] <Dawn>13/14,7/10HM LF MORNING RAIDERS 10am-1:30pm Wed/thursday

come join and level up for wrath. always people on in the mornings

heres your one chance fancy don’t let me down

At this point we have plenty if everyone levels up. Come join us, casual or not.

Ahhh… nuts. This is 1 hour too early for me. I’m out west so you start at 7am my time. The missus goes to work at 7:30am so an 8am start would be more ideal for me.

Im in EU right now because the times are better but I want to come home to NA so bad!

Will keep you in mind though.


Remember us this week. Prepatch about to be fun in the mornings.


Still Looking? Willing to level up whatever role for Wrath. Disc- Passmore08#6300. Looking for very early raid times however.

Thank you,

I guess 1030 am est wasn’t early enough? You left lol :wink:

yal know you wanna start messaging me after prepatch…lets go


I’m interested in joining as a dps. Do you have room for a Elemental Shaman ? Feel free to message me at captalnginyu#0544

Are you still looking for DPS? I think these raid times could work for me!

hey nice stuff

Alright…here we go. Come level with us in wrath folks. Join our discord and lets get this morning thing rolling.

Updated recruitment needs for november 2022. We have a solid team farming loot weekly. Come check us out.

I wish I knew you wanted meeeeee

updated needs for second team.

pug raid day.

Still looking for more to keep our roster healthy during these dragony flighty type times. Come join us for some smooth raid clears.

now is the time to come join us before ulduar hits!

Its that time of year again

Bump for hunters and mages