[H] [Mankrik-US] <Dawn>13/14,7/10HM LF MORNING RAIDERS 10am-1:30pm Wed/thursday

Dawn is a semi-hardcore morning raiding guild comprised of a tight knit group who have raided together since the beginning of classic’s launch. We are a mature, laid back guild of WFH, late shift workers, and stay at home parents who enjoy playing during the day! We plan to clear everything wrath will have to offer and chase every achievement we can, and have a good time doing it!

  <Dawn> (13/14, 7/10HM) is LF a LOCK, ENHANCE SHAMAN, and any exceptional players  to round out our roster for Ulduar Hardmodes! Raid times Wed/Thur 10:30am-1:30pm, TMB/Loot Council.   Free flasks and repairs for raiders. 

Contact Us:
For questions, more information or recruitment, please contact:
Jbayz#3836 (discord)
Deft#1350 (discord)


yes this is it

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One day at a time.

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Could still use some more folks that want to raid in the mornings for wrath. Starting to form a nice group here. dps/ heals

still looking for more

bump for more friends


I was wondering if you were still looking for members?
I have a druid and soon holy paladin that I plan to main in wrath.

Your raid times work perfectly for me,
Please msg me on discord: Zambie#4682

Ty for your time!

still looking? tried the discord link but said invalid

sorry, I set it to never expire and yet it changes and expire? lol I dunno mannnn

Was able to use the discord link, will reach out after work today.

raiding in the morning

new week , need friends pst

really picking up steam…still need some more dps…maybe a heal or 2 :slight_smile:

gaining more morning friends every day. gonna be a free for all leveling up for that sweet naxx 25 loot. lol come join us

hi how are you doing? wanna come look?

its you and I do or die so cut the chorrrddd

need some ranged dps for wrath. who wants to main lock with me in the morning?

getting a solid roster put together now. Few more dps.

need a rogue. wanna make one?