[H-Mankrik] <UD> 4/6 LFM for SWP and WOTLK Prep 9PM to 12AM Sun/Mon

Semi Casual but Efficient | Sun/Mon 9pm Server - 12am Server

We’re looking to clear all the raid content efficiently while having the most fun. Our GM/RL comes from having cleared all the content on retail on a mix of Heroic and Mythic difficulties. Our goal with TBC/WOTLK Classic is to clear the raids at our own pace while developing new friendships and cultivating a strong raid team. All raid spots are core spots. However, we will be utilizing a bench to adapt to real life events that may come up. Players will be rotated according to performance and need for raid buffs or desired loot. Rotations are a weekly basis and you are not required to save your lockout for the guild.

Please note that we are not currently looking for new players to join us in Sunwell. This means players who do not already have sufficient raiding experience or gear with prior raid content (T5/T6). We would like to refrain from gearing and teaching new players from scratch. We are more than willing to accept new players for our WOTLK roster as pre-patch is on the horizon.

Raid Times:
Sunday / Monday 9pm Server to 12am Server
Optional: Saturday BT and Weekly ZA (organized around resets)

Raid Progress
14/14 T6

– Be on time, raid invites go out 30 min early.
– Have full consumes.
– Willingness to adapt.
– Understanding of your class and raid mechanics. We’re not necessarily looking for theory crafters but you should know or be willing to learn how to maximize your output.
– Patience

Guild Bank
The guild bank strives to provide raiders with materials for enchants, gems and consumes at reduced or no cost. Donations are greatly appreciate but not expected.

Loot System:
Loot council utilizing RCLootCouncil and the “That’s my bis” site. We distribute loot on the following criteria; mechanical aptitude, consistent use of correct consumables, complete utilization of enchants/gems, attendance/ tardiness and how much of an upgrade it is.

Trial Period
Our trial period is a minimum of 2 weeks from the day you begin raiding with us. During this time trials will be given last priority on receiving gear that drops. After this 2 week period or longer (if necessary) the guild will extend the offer to become a full member. Please note, we will NOT shard gear over giving it to trials.

Recruitment Needs


Aff Warlock - MED
BM Hunter - MED
Bal Druid - MED


Currently Closed

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team please reach out to YsosrsLawl#1721 (bnet)/ Y so srs Lawl#0538 (Discord). Or anyone in game!

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Updated to reflect out Kalec kill.

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Last pull of the night and we killed Twins!!

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