[H-Mankrik] <Primo Victoria> Recruiting

is a guild of seasoned players looking to re-live our college and teenage years playing WoW TBC. We’re looking to fill some of our vacant spots to raid 25 man content.
We’re looking to fill these immediate openings

(1) Mage
(1) Shadow Priest
(1) Enhance Shaman
(1) Resto Shaman
(1) Destro or Demo Warlock
(1) Disc-Holy Priest

We’re also accepting all other classes for bench as well as social players.
Our raid times are 845-11PM Server Time (EST) Tuesday and Thursday, with some weekend runs for Kara and other older content.
We’re a relaxed semi-casual guild and recognize that this is just a game and that real-life commitments are priority, but still want to clear content.
I can be reached here, on Battle.net at Avonix#1685 or on Discord at TheAvonix#1337 for any questions or interest in joining the guild.
Thank you.

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Hey! I’m interested in joining a PvE guild and I have a character boost available so I could join as needed. Is there a slot for someone who wanted to have the TBC experience but didnt play back then?

We will welcome anyone to the guild, and will always work to accommodate people in. The game is a bit different compared to current character designs, but the content is rewarding and challenging enough even while knowing what all of the bosses and mechanics are.
Looking forward to having you join up.