[H - Mankrik] <Overly Dramatic> Prepping for TBC and Beyond!


Overly Dramatic is currently forming on the server Mankrik for TBC content and beyond! If you are just returning the game , this guild may be what you’re looking for! Our goal is to form a group of players that can focus on our 2 raid days, and have fun on off nights. Casual players looking to run 5 mans and off night raids are also welcome.

++++Who We Are++++

The core of our guild has been playing together for the last 2 years on private servers and retail WoW. The GM and Raid Lead have been playing classic, and have cleared all content. We have lead a successful guild on the Apollo Cata server, and played on multiple TBC and WoTLK servers together. We are currently re rolling on this server and plan to make it our home until the end of WoW Classic.

++++What We Want++++

We are currently looking for all players and roles right now as we are in open recruitment. Please understand that we are building the guild from scratch on horde side(RIP my alliance Shadow Priest and Lock), so things will be a bit slow at the start. We are open to transfers or to anyone looking to re roll, or just coming back to the game.

We are also going with a 2 night raid schedule, with the option of extending the night if we are close to a kill. The FIRST Tuesday of each content release will also be a 3rd raid night.

Times and days are as follows:
Sunday : 8 - 11 PM EST
Monday : 8 - 11 PM EST
Tuesday : 8 - 11 PM EST (Only used when new content drops)


Currently as follows :

Tanks are closed

Warrior - Closed
Shaman - Enhance
Druid - Boomkin 1 Possible Resto
Paladin - Ret/OS Tank
Hunter - Closed
Warlocks - Possibly 1 more
Mage - 1-2 More
Rogue - 1 Possible
Priest - 1 Healer

++++What To Do Next++++

If you are interested in learning more about the guild or partaking in our TBC adventures please contact us at :

Lyric#1368 - Bnet
Lyrikz#2603 - Discord
https://discord.gg/jDNjxy9Ezb - Guild Discord

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Hype for tomorrows “official” announcement! Come get in on the ground floor =)

TBC “Very Soon” Come get in on the ground floor here!

I was planning to return to Classic with the intent of leveling a completely new Horde character. Was Alliance previously. I want to main a Shaman and am currently looking for a realm with a healthy Horde population. Your guild sounds like it would be a good fit for me. I raid with my retail guild Wednesdays and Fridays. If I find myself enjoying TBC more i will definitely consider taking a leave of absence from retail. I love the idea of communities and non hardcore environments. I also highly enjoy community building as I helped my retail guild build up our numbers from the ground up. I’ll definitely look you guys up if I settle on Mankrik! :slight_smile:

Still looking for certain classes! Esp healers. Im in game all day today, and available on Discord =)

We are still looking for more people!

Updated Recruitment

up up and away

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