[H Mankrik] <Mafia Reborn> LF Raiders Fri/Sat 8 est

Mafia Reborn of Mankrik Server is looking for team players with a good attitude who want to raid in a fun atmosphere, but still take progression and personal improvement seriously.

Raid Information

Hyjal & BT 14/14: Wed 8

SWP 4/6: Fri/Sat 8-12

Thatsmybis/RCLC loot system

Current needs

Priest: CoH or Disc
Warlock: Affliction. Lock alt of a healer also ideal

We are open to recruiting most classes/specs, particularly if you’re flexible with OS gear & capability.

What we expect from you

Personal accountability: Gear appropriately, including gems, enchants and consumables. Know the fights and execute mechanics. Communicate absences and delays.

Minimum Performance Threshold: meet or exceed a blue best average parse for DPS

Personal growth: actively seek to improve, give & receive constructive criticism

Guild first attitude: support your team, have fun

Want more information? reach out through disc Seraze#0307 or to an officer in game:

Andivory (GM), Seraze(Andele), Xanator, Critr

Current needs updated

Edited to reflect 4/6 kill, still looking for priest & locks.