[H] Mankrik <Lore> 6/9 HM Mon/Wed 9 PM - 12 AM EST

Lore | [H] Mankrik | Semi-Hardcore | TMB

About our Guild
Formed in Vanilla Classic on Myzrael, Lore is dedicated to doing all content in-phase with an emphasis on efficiency for a diverse raiding team. In TBC we grew to having a second raid team with shared goals.

Raid Times
Raid 1: Tues/Thurs/{Sunday} 10pm-1am ST
Raid 2: Wed/Mon 9pm-12am ST

Raid 1: 54/54
Raid 2: Normal: 13/14 Hardmode: 6/9 - (36/54)

We use Thatsmybis (TMB) loot lists to determine item priority, with meetings before each phase to determine item restrictions (prior to lists being completed) as needed.

Raid 1: Not actively recruiting, but DMs always welcome.
Raid 2: Replacement DPS for transfer losses. Preferably Enhancement Shaman - Arcane/Fire Mage - Demonology Warlock - Affliction Warlock. Classes not listed here are encouraged to reach out, we can likely fit you in to the roster.


  • Consistent attendance, but understand that life happens.
  • Active engagement in understanding and performing your class role.
  • We maintain a respectful and mature atmosphere, we do not tolerate hate or discrimination.


  • Raiders have access to consumables in a well-stocked guild bank and receive free gems/enchantments on all gear upgrades.
  • Hosted non main raid content, including but not limited to 10-man, Heroic+, and 25-man alt runs.

Who to Contact
Raid 1: Rudifred#1973 (Discord)
Raid 2: Memedini#0001 (Discord)