[H] Mankrik <Last Hope> Tuesday/Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST

We are a long standing guild, where many members have been here since early classic. We like to have a good time, as well as push harder content. We are not a ultra sweaty or speed running guild, however we do want to push hard mode content in a timely and effective manner. We run raids from Tuesday / Thursday from 8:30pm-11:30pm server time (Eastern time). We typically run 1-2 10man Ulduar groups per week also. With one sweatier group that is doing pulls on Algalon. Attendance is our biggest concern currently, so we are seeking any players who can commit to our raid times. We are seeking to fill spots in our core 25m roster, as well as people who want to play a bit more casually, and fill in as bench when needed or for 10m content. We use a Loot Council system, and don’t have any drama over loot drops. Decisions are based on a number of factors such as; attendance, attitude, how big of an upgrade it is etc. We are very transparent about decisions, and our players are very cooperative with each other when it comes to gear. A lot of our members have been playing together for a few years, and we have become as close as family in some cases. We want people to engage with our community, clear content with us and hang out in discord, and really just be apart of things.

We are currently looking for ranged dps and a rdruid, but are willing to chat with anyone who is interested!

You can contact us through Discord at:
Discord: Zerk: Zerktank #9415 (GM)
Pheobs: sometime #9639 (Officer)
Dead: Deadmagic #2641 (Officer)
Doed: Doedekjin #1967 (Officer)
Bark: entalmighty #8977 (Officer)
Starchee: Starched #2165 (Officer)

We can also be reached in game with a /who last hope. Any member will send you in the direction of an officer!