[H-Mankrik] <Laser Lettuce> Recruiting for TBC | Tue/Wed 9-12 EST | Great Community

Hello Classic (or soon to be) players! Laser Lettuce on Mankrik is a newly formed TBC Raiding guild currently focused on building a strong 25 man raid roster for TBC content! We are a semi-hardcore guild with certain requirements to raiding however we take a lighthearted approach to raids and want everyone to have an enjoyable experience as a group. The core group of us have been together for a few years and play multiples games together and we would love to have more members join the guild and be a part of the community during the Burning Crusade.

We are currently in need of most classes and roles, any level is fine. Experience not necessary but you must have a willingness to learn and drive to improve. Fresh boosted characters are welcome as well but I ask that you at least join the discord and stay active for updates on the guild. Please be patient as we fill our roster with players, we are a new guild so do not expect any miracle raiding any time soon.

Class Availability is as follows:

Priest - Holy
Paladin - Holy
Druid - Resto
Shaman - Enhance
Hunter - Medium
Warlock - Medium
Mage - Low
Warrior - Arms

We are mostly EST players and our raid times will be Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00pm - 12:00am with an optional Thursday raid for cleanup/alts/guild events. We are an 18+ guild

Reply on this post or add me on Battlenet or discord and we can have a chat!

Battle Net : scootZ#12320
Discord: scootZ#7960

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Officer positions are available to for those interested!

Really fun group of people to raid with! Come join us.

sent a discord request

Appreciate the new members, still lots of room for more!

Lookin to chat, your name is not populating in discord, maybe your privacy is turned on and you cannot be messaged by non friends / non server members?

You should be able to. if not maybe try just Bnet instead o.o

I think this is just a feature of Discord itself. I dont see a way to allow non friends to message

Beta hype, still looking for quality players!

Hey there. Are you guys still looking for folks? Tried hitting up the Bnet and Discord tags but it couldn’t find them.

Yea we are! It should be updated correctly now. Lots of room for warlocks/spriests


I’m interested. I’ve added you on Bnet - Cmackrn.

Still need spreists and ehance shammies!

I plan on going Shadow Priest in TBC. The wife and I are both looking for a guild to call home. I am interested in joining! Sent a friend request on BattleNet (sleepybear.) Look forward to hearing from you!!

Looking for a few more raiders to add to the roster!