[H] Mankrik <Helix> New raid guild for Wrath

Tuesday and Thursday | 17/17, 3D OS | 8:30pm to 11:30pm ST | 25m | EPGP

Mondays will be used as progression nights as necessary in the beginning of phases/new raid content.

Helix is a team of like-minded raiders who enjoy having fun smashing the content at the highest level. We are seeking self-motivated players who consistently improve their performance while maintaining a positive attitude. Our goal is to complete the highest levels of heroic progression, while providing a raiding atmosphere and guild culture conducive to winning.

Our raiders are expected to:

1. Maintain high level of personal performance and knowledge of their class/specs.
2. Be online, on time, fully consumed, with knowledge of our boss fight strategies.
3. Maintain attendance requirements.
4. Use resources (individually researched, as well as those provided by the guild) to improve personal performance.
5. Make necessary adjustments during raids based on constructive real-time feedback.

**Apply now on our discord, or come chat if you have any questions! discord.gg/tEXmxkNpfP **

Discipline or Holy (medium)

Death Knight
Frost (high)

Elemental (low)
Enhancement (medium)

Affliction or Demonology (medium)

Feral (medium)

Combat or Assassination (medium)


Also can discuss options for those not on the list


Elnok - Elnok#9525
Immoruuk - Immoruuk#6414


looking for heals and dps

Solid start, still looking for more!

I’ve raided with quite a few of these guys, very strong players. Will be excited to see how you guys do in WotLK!

Thanks! :slight_smile: We’re still taking more DPS!

Just applied as either a shammy or paly.

apply today!

Still seeking some more pumper dps chads who wanna have fun!

We’re still looking for players to fill our roster!

Apply yesterday… I mean today or maybe tomorrow while the servers are being patched? :slight_smile:

Used to raid with some of these folks. Good people.


Still looking for more melee pumpers. apply today!


Hunters/rogues/warriors/shaman holler

High Prio-Mage/Hunter/Rogue/Shaman

mages / hunters/ rogues / shamans


Still just need a few more dps! Strong group, let’s go!

Apply today! discord.gg/tEXmxkNpfP

apply today!


good folks

Mage/Rogue/Hunter/Shaman holler


could really use a shaman!