[H] Mankrik, Grievance (18+) is looking for more to rebuild and head into TBC!

Are you looking for a place to call home? Do you need a place to level a character, help you with content as you level, meet new friends, and just have a great time preparing for TBC? We may be just what you are looking for!

Grievance is a multi game organization. We have been around for 20 years this October and have guilds in many of the current MMOs on the market.

We are primarily looking for casual to semi-casual players who also like to raid. While Grievance is a guild that raids, that’s not our primary focus. We will clear all the content to the best of our ability, but we want to make sure there is always a place to level an alt, bring in new players and just have some fun events outside of raiding, like watching the Tauren Chieftains in Shattarath or a level 1 run across Azeroth for some fun prizes!

If this sounds like it could be of interest to you, please hit me up on Discord! Nionya#7814 Add me as a friend, I’m excited to talk to you!


I’d like to add! We do have cookies! :slight_smile:

Request sent!

I believe I accepted it! :slight_smile: Let me know if I did not, please.

This guild has been great! Very helpful and active!

Come join us as we prepare for TBC, we are all very excited!

Add Nionya#7814 on Discord for more info or to join us!

I have been with Grievance for well over a decade. One thing that I love about this guild is it never disbands.

Once you join the guild you can count on it always being there! We have gone through a few rebuilds, as we are right now, but it really is a great place!

If you are looking for a mature, family friendly place who still has a great time clearing raid content, come check us out! We can use all classes and specs atm… we will look at what we have closer to launch and work out raid teams!

In the meantime we can level, run 5 mans, and just have a great time!

Looking for a place to hang out and level before TBC? Grievance is the place!

Long time :slight_smile: Not sure if you folks remember me. I quit very early on, when you just starting MC.

I’m thinking about coming back, but i don’t know to what capacity. But I if do to any significant degree, I’ll re-post in Discord. I’m already all setup.

Excellent! I do remember the name for sure! :slight_smile: We will be here. So just let us know as you said!

Still bringing on new folks for TBC. Come hang with us! Add me to Discord Nionya#7814 and we can chat!


Plenty of people leveling character’s getting ready for TBC. If you still need a place to call home with active guild chat and discord come check us out!

Add Nionya#7814 on discord for more info!

Looking forward to TBC. Come join us!

Add Nionya#7814 on discord for more info!

Time to make that gold for TBC. Come hang out with us on discord!

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Still looking for people to hang with us and prepare for TBC!

Come check us out!

Come hang out with us and get ready for TBC! We could use more folks who want to level up and get ready to down some content in the next chapter of Classic!

Add Nionya#7814 on discord for more info!

Grievance is looking for active players to join us for social, laid back fun, as well as raiding, dungeons, and other content in TBC! Please consider joining us. We hang out on Discord and are a pretty laid back group.

Request sent

I believe I accepted :slight_smile:

Still looking to build our ranks for TBC, come join us! :slight_smile:

Hi, friend and I are just scanning guilds and servers (we are finally hanging up on retail) - are there any classes you’re full on - or any you prefer?