[H] [Mankrik] <Floor POV> 6/6 is Recruiting

Floor POV All TBC content cleared. We plan to farm SWP and BT as long as there is interest.

Raid Times: Tuesday / Wednesday 8:30 - 11:30pm EST

Recruitment Needs:

• Restoration Shaman
• High-performing feral or spriest
• Friendly players to join our community for the rest of TBC and on to WotLK. Get a head start on your legendary prio!


Loot Council with public loot prio posted on thatsmybis.com. Loot considerations include attendance, class bonuses, player preference, raid benefit, and general helpfulness outside of raid. We do our best to distribute loot equitably, including to new recruits who contribute positively to our raid team.

About Us:

Floor POV strives to improve and clear content efficiently while having fun with our guildies. We have an active discord with optional offnight raids, dungeons, and occasional PvP. If this sounds like a good fit, please reach out to us!


• Treat others with respect, in and out of guild.
• Be knowledgeable about your class and receptive to feedback. Hybrid DPS classes should maintain a raid-viable offspec.
• Show up to raid with proper gear/spec/enchants and consumables.
• Be receptive to being part of a rotating bench. Recruits are guaranteed a raid spot on week 1 of their recruitment.
• Communicate raid or personnel concerns with officers as they occur.


Ikura (Ikinari#0001) • Makmak (JohnnyMAK#0586) • Maxmax (madmax#5502) • Soymelk (Dracolich#2709)

Current Needs as of 6/21:

Resto Shaman
High Performing Feral
Shadow Priest

**DPS Specs are expected to be willing to heal in a pinch.

We are now only in the market for a Shadow Priest.