[H - Mankrik] <Afterlife> | 12/14 | T/W 8:30 - 11:00pm | Recruitment

hey Dabo, we welcome any class and spec for sure. Currently, we lost a holy paly, so that would be nice, but if you prefer something else that is fine as well.

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Hello, Was wanting to see what your guild numbers looked like for 25m Uld? I enjoy the raid times for Tues/Wed however I have maybe 10+ people looking for a 25m slot. Interested in talking about it?

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For sure, want to hit me up on discord - Rorik#0423

hey there i have an afflic lock in mostly uld gear and a low geared mage looking for a guild just getting back to the game if you would like to know more can reach out to me by disc kenna#7441