[H - Mankrik] <Afterlife> | 12/14 | T/W 8:30 - 11:00pm | Recruitment



For more information about the guild, message:

Guildmaster: Rðrik/Faite

Officers: Wulfcrusade, Risen


Afterlife is a PVE raiding guild of capable, fun loving, yet mature adults that enjoy PVP, questing, clearing dungeons, raiding and general shenanigans. We have a splendid and fun loving atmosphere but know when it is time to get serious. Several of us have gamed together for nearly twenty years.

Afterlife was created with the adult gamer in mind. Those that have jobs, families, and a life outside of WoW, yet know their class and want to progress on raid nights and when time allows, is exactly the type of gamer this guild was designed for. Exceptional yet casual.


Normal Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday evenings; 8:30PM – 11:00PM Server/Eastern Time or 7:30PM - 10:00PM Central Time


Afterlife is recruiting for our Core Raid team. The needed classes are listed below. In addition to recruiting for our Core Raid team, we continue to accept and welcome players that believe the guild would be a good fit for them as they level. We’re flexible and place emphasis on your attitude and fit within the guild.

Core Raiding Classes needed: current as of 1-28-2023

Death Knight: 1 - dps

Druid: Open

Hunter: Open

Mage: Open

Paladin: Open

Priest: Open

Rogue: Open

Shaman: Open

Warlock: Open

Warrior: Open


We are currently 12/14 Ulduar

While our focus will be the 25 player raid content, we intend to clear all raid content that Wrath Classic has to offer. In addition to this, we will be striving for every raid achievement (lets get those mounts and titles!) with as little stress and as much fun as possible. It’s a marathon not a race!


For more details about our loot system, raiding goals and/or schedule, class/spec needs, or if you just want to chat; please contact an Afterlife Officer. We look forward to speaking with you.

~Afterlife gaming family

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Bump, bump

is there a discord available to contact you?

Hey Olivera, you can DM me on discord at: Rorik#0423

New recruitment needs for our Ulduar roster!

We are looking for a few more for our roster

Looking for a few more folks for our Ulduar group.

Getting close to a full roster, just need a few more.

Anyone want to come join us a for a Yogg kill tonight? Bump

Still looking for a few more members to fill our roster.

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Hail, Faíte! My name is Mithaelyn and I have been searching for a guild like yours for quite sometime. I would be starting fresh, but my passion is to serve my fellow guild mates and guild in whatever capacity is needed. Are you still looking for more to fill the classes above?

hi Mithaelyn, for sure, just let me know of a good time to be on and I can invite you.

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Truly appreciate it my friend. Are the above classes still in need? I am currently deciding between a Orc Warlock, Death Knight, or Hunter.

yea, we are good on hunters atm, but could for sure use a lock or DK.

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Good morning. I am currently adventuring through the world of Azeroth as we speak. I would truly appreciate an invite to your guild if that is still possible. Thanks again my friend.

Awesome, I am on now and can invite you, what is the name of the character you are on.

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My apologies. I had a few things at home I needed to take care of. Mithaelyn is the name. If I am not questing later, I will be tomorrow morning.

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I added you in game. I know you are full on Warriors at the moment but that is the class I am going to go with. I hope to help in the future with raiding and running any dungeons that the guild would like to do. I will be on tomorrow morning; around 0730 hours central time. I hope to see you tomorrow my friend. Thanks again. God speed and safe travels.

Looking for some more to fill out our roster.

Hello! I am new to classic and trying to find a guild to settle in with as I make the journey to 80 and hopefully get caught up with endgame content. Are there any particular classes/specs you’re looking for at the moment?