[H] [Mal'Ganis] <Emergence> LF DPS for Mythic Nya & Shadowlands (8-11CST Tues/Wed/Sun*)

Send me a request and I’ll be happy to chat! Tazz#11657 on bnet

Warlocks, Mages and other ranged… oh my!

Join us join us join us :slight_smile:

Need some warlocks and some mages :slight_smile:

my mage raids on malganis but i have a lock 5/12m on him im looking to raid on the nights u guys raid which are diiferent nights than my mage raids
on hes 476ilvl whats your raids core proression at

Hey Kinettik - add me on discord at Raz#8161 and give me a shout!

Clothies!! Holla!!!

Where the clothies be at?

Made some food today

Food is good. Mages are good. Spriests are even good.

Fire mages… we still be lookin mon’

Made some more food today

Saturday’s are for making meals

yes they are yumm yumm

Sip some coffee and A P P L Y NOW!

Needing some coffee for sure right now!

Stay safe everyone! Mask up not mask off

Monday grind is back… cheer yourself up with a new home :slight_smile:

The Spins - Mac Miller
youre welcome

Casters we need you!