[H] [Mal'ganis] <Absolute> 5/10 M 10/10 H Tues/Wed 7-10 EST

About Us
We formed Absolute at the beginning of BoD to create a place where we could raid mythic content on a casual schedule. Many of our raiders have work and family responsibilities that limit the amount of time we can dedicate to raiding. We love to raid, but we also value the ability to log off at 10.

While our raid hours are rather casual, our approach to raiding is a bit more serious. We take the time to come into the raid week prepared in order to take full advantage of our short schedule.

What we’re looking for
Some of our members have multiple CEs, while others had little prior mythic experience. Most of our raiders fall somewhere in between these extremes. Above all else, we’re looking for players who come to raid with a team-oriented, progression-focused, constructive attitude. Beyond that, we value communication skills, mechanical awareness, and working to improve week over week.

Nyalotha 11/12M
CN 8/10M

Open Recruitment
Enhance (all solid DPS should apply)

Raid Hours
Tues, Wed 7-10pm EST

Required Addons
Exorsus Raid Tools

Loot System
Players may choose to keep anything that drops for them. If they do not keep the item, they post the item in raid chat, and those interested roll for it (ms > os rolls).

If an item is a slight upgrade, but you’re willing to trade it to someone for whom it would be a bigger upgrade, you may ask in raid if it’s a big upgrade for someone before deciding whether to keep it or pass it.

Regarding mount drops, CE mounts or otherwise: the player who receives it may keep it or trade it as they wish.

The guild provides vantus runes and cauldrons. Raiders are expected to provide their own potions and optimal personal food. Healers and tanks are expected to pre-pot for damage. Augment runes are optional. If we’re nearing a kill on a difficult dps check, the guild may opt to provide them.

Recruitment Battletags:
GM: Rab#11453
Recruitment Officer: Forte#1648

Application Link

Calling all mages hunters and spriests who like mythic raiding on a casual schedule

Still looking for mages/hunters/priests. Add Rab#11453 to chat

Still looking. Mage/Hunter to the front.

WTB Hunter or Mage

Mages, Hunters, and exceptional ranged DPS are encouraged to apply

Still looking for Mages, Hunters and exceptional ranged DPS

Looking for mages/hunters and also a priest healer

We’re currently recruiting the following:
Priest (Healer)
Warrior (DPS)
Any exceptional ranged DPS are encouraged to apply

Still looking

Priest (Healer)
Warrior (DPS)
Any exceptional ranged DPS are encouraged to apply

Up up and away

Still looking for a solid healer and ranged dps

Recruitment Status update:

Open Recruitment
Priest (Healer)
Exceptional ranged DPS are encouraged to apply, particularly those with raid-viable healing off-specs

Immediate availability for a solid priest healer.

Still looking for a good healer. Add Rab#11453

WTB priest heals

Still looking for priest heals and any ranged dps with a solid healing OS.

Still looking. Solid DPS always welcome to apply

WTB priest heals and DPS with solid healing OS