[H] <Malevolency> 2 x 40man Raids - Wed & Fri 6PM PST - 9/9 AQ40

Malevolency is an old vanilla raiding guild looking to fill in roster spots for our Wed & Fri 6PM PST AQ40 raids and Thurs & Sat 6PM BWL raids. We have two different 40man raids and both are clearing 9/9 AQ40 and 8/8 BWL.

For the BWL raids on Thurs and Sat 6PM PST alts are welcomed!

We’re a guild full of adults in their 30s and 40s but we accept all ages! We just want to raid consistently with the same group of guild-mates and clear content!

Current raiding needs:

  • Tanks/off-tanks: Very Low/Open
  • Warriors: Low/Open (Need DPS)
  • Shamans: Low/Open (Need resto)
  • Priests: Low/Open
  • Hunters: Low/Open
  • Druids: Closed
  • Rogues: Low/Open
  • Mages: Low/Open
  • Warlocks: Low/Open

We will consider exceptional players of all classes!

Current Loot Rules:
Loot council on non-tier items with common sense rules (We have a very transparent system and adjust based on guild feedback via a Google spreadsheet) – some classes have worked out a round-robin solution for tier items amongst themselves and we honor that; we strive to make gearing as fair as possible. Being reasonable and discussing drops with your class-mates ahead of time is encouraged!

We have a guild Discord server.

We use the following addons:

  • DBM
  • Details Damage/Threat Meter
  • HealComm

If you’re interested in joining the guild, and our raiding schedule works for you, we would love to have you! We’re friendly old-boomers that just want to clear content with no drama! Please contact our GMs or any Officer for an invite or if you have any questions/concerns:


  • Acima
  • Emity
  • Maxitude


  • Babycham
  • Dirtytokyo
  • Durrf
  • Jadey
  • Sayse
  • Spunkle
  • Tekneek
  • Thunderstrck

We also may be able to take a small group of friends that are looking to raid together.
I am on every day and can answer any questions you may have about the guild, feel free to hit me up.

Make sure they dont start a raid with no one there either…then boot you because you get ganked by alliance… j/s