[H] [Mal’Ganis] Returning 9.0 CE DH LFG for Raids and M+

Hey gang, how goes it!

I quit shortly after obtaining CE in 9.0 and have recently returned; been slowing building up some gear in M+/PvP and just generally getting caught up as a whole. I’m hoping to find a group of players (Guild or active Community) to jump back in to the game with. I love doing some M+ but it gets tiring having to pug. Also, when the time comes, I’d like to jump back in to raiding and see as much as possible for 9.3 and Dragonflight come out.

Below are my old logs to show that I am quite the solid DH, even though my gear isn’t crazy amazing at the moment:


In regards to M+, I don’t mind gearing up to Tank or DPS. As long as I can find a fun steady group that knows how to have a good time while smashing keys, I’m down!

Hit me up here or on BattleNet: Str1der#1155

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It’s a rough solo world out there, folks!!