[H] Mage LF Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild

I’ve been playing since original TBC up until Cataclysm and recently came back for SL and found my passion for classic still runs deep. I’ve full cleared end-game raids of every expansion and have hit Gladiator multiple seasons in arena. Not that it’s relevant, I was also a semi-pro player for Halo 2, just hoping this reflects my passion for competitive/serious gaming. I’m seeking a guild that raids later at night preferably after 8PM server, but i’m flexible with times if the gameplay is worth it. Can message me in game @Neptvne or @john wick#3422 on discord with additional questions.

I realize this is on Whitemane, but thought I would leave an answer anyway since we would love to have another mage.

Come check out our guild, we are currently preparing for Naxxramas and hold multiple raids weekly. It’s a truly good guild and very fair. Message one of us on the Faerlina/Incendius/Benediction/Heartseeker cluster (think there’s a couple other servers, as well). We typically raid around 7-8ish, but might wanna be early :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Salali, but i’m looking to stay on Whitemane as my friends play on this server. Just a side note, this got posted under my alts name unfortunately.

No problem :slight_smile: I actually used to be in a guild called Warpath (Alliance side, Illidan) back in the day.

Hope you find a good home!