[H] <M Y T H I C C> Raid Force One 11/12M Recruiting

is recruiting for our Tuesday/Wednesday Raid Force One team 7:30-10:30pm cst . The team is looking for a fire mage/ret pally for M N’zoth prog.

If interested, please apply at <mythiccmalganis. c o m/contact> and select the Raid Force One tab as your preferred raid. All applications will receive a response same day. For further information regarding RF1 please visit their tab on the website under “Raid Teams,” or feel free to reach me in-game.

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If you are a Panda or Vulpera you can’t join.

XoXo hohohohoho. No BELFS

Ele shaman’s are better than fire mages. Prove me wrong.

BUMPity Bumpity Boo

Awwwww yeeeeee you know what it is

How do i contact?

Be careful for that discount Max raid leader of theirs!

all jokes aside, fun group!