[H] Lost Chapter, LF for Ranged DPS, Full on Locks/Hunters (10-11 H)

Guild: Lost Chapter

Faction: Horde

Raid Days/Times: Tues/Thursday 8-11 EST


Requirement Needs:

  1. Looking for:

TANKS- Closed

HEALER- Closed

RDPS- Open (Mage, Boomkin, Shadow Priest)

MDPS- Closed

Exceptional players will always be considered regardless of recruitment status

  1. Be able to have fun, relax and enjoy the game

  2. Have Unity Belt if not Double Lego

Casuals also welcome, so if you’re looking for a place to call home waiting on Dragonflight, or you want a place that has people online so you can talk, send us a message and well be happy to invite you.

About us: Lost Chapter has evolved over the years. We went from a AOTC group to where we are today. We are made up of a core group that has raided together since WotLK. We took a little break after last tiers AOTC to try out Final Fantasy and now we are back with new goals in mind, AKA Mythic…

Our approach is Mythic Progression and Mythic Keys as our main goals. We will do Mythic when Heroic is cleared. Most of us are a little older, and we have families and careers. We prefer to chill out, drink a couple beers and have a good time with good friends. That being said, we do expect that people wanting to raid be familiar with their class, and performing well enough to clear content. We can help you gear, and we can even offer some general gameplay tips, but ultimately your performance is your responsibility.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, come talk to us, and let us see if we can help.

I have a raid ready rogue and a mage im leveling who would be interested in this arrangement. HMU in game @roflwaffle#1950

Will Do healingtramp… Ill be logging in shortly and ill add you on battle.net

Since Spank is terrible at life and forgot to update this, we are 11/12 heroic, and will have N’zoth dead next week.

Bumps to the top. Need a few Locks and Holy Priest…

haha i just bumped it tuda… The title has been updated since the kill

Just came back to the game after a break, looking for a guild to finish the expac with and move into Shadow lands. Unholy DK, I’d be glad to join. Waltz#1152

this is my BM hunter i would love to join on, currently horde on area 52 now, name is zebulandari. my battlenet is daveyjones75#1912. Would love to join your team and guild. I am a long time wow player that is older but know my class and can pull my weight. I am drama free and enjoy the game still to this day. Look forward to meeting you. Owl#7795 is my discord name if you wanna add me there to talk to me too. THANKS!

We are now 12/12 got the AOTC, Greathornowl and Gottlos ill get with you guys in game today…

I’m still interested, hit me up.

Hey Gottlos sorry i haven’t checked the thread in a few days… Just added you on bnet… Sorry for the lapse in time…


Still looking for more people.

Hey guys! My main is a resto shaman, but I play all healing classes/specs. I am looking for a casual progression guild that has some structure but is more fun than serious. Just looking for a friendly group that likes each other, helps each other, etc.

Bump still looking for more people… Hey caleesta, Sorry just seen this message… we currently have a resto shaman… Play Elemental or any other toon possible?

Any room for a rogue? Looking to get back into the swing of things and off my miserable dead server. I love the idea of AOTC and mythic+ only!

Hey Jeany, thanks for your comment. Atm we currently have 3/4 rogues on the raid team and alot more of melee. At this time we are really in need of a healer and ranged dps. I would feel bad inviting you cause I couldn’t guarantee you a raid spot at this current time.

Returning player here. I quit after doing some Mythic Uldir and came back at the urging of a couple friends. I was wondering if someone like me has a place in your guild, because your mindset seems perfect. My friend and I have often been burned by the mythic push and the stress that comes with it.

If you’d have me I’d be happy to come along, and have a paladin tank friend who I know wants to raid, as well as two casual friends (one new to the game) that would be interested in M+, leveling, world quests, and that sort of thing.

My Bnet is Babzidu#1896, lookin’ forward to chatting with y’all.

What healing classes were you interested in?

Hey Jeany, we seem to be full now on healers… The only thing we currently need are ranged Dps… Happy WoW adventures.

What about a just a fellow old guy (wife, two kids) that wants a family to hang out with, and doesn’t care if he gets on the raid team or not? I’m an Alliance-to-Horde convert that is looking for a family is all. Mistweaver main, but can switch to Brewmaster if you’re absolutely desperate (kidding, I tanked/raid-lead from Vanilla to WoD, just retired from being that dude). I don’t mind if I sit, just want people to talk to in /gu.