[H] Looking for Warlocks and Shammies, apply inside! <Brain Damage>

[H] - Brain Damage - Kromcrush US

Brain Damage is looking for competitive and forward thinking players to reflect our guilds identity. Within our community we have a culture of performance, democracy, transparency, fun, fairness, and are recruiting like-minded individuals looking to improve and grow with us. We’re East Coast based and raid prime EST times (815pm EST - 1130pm EST) If you’re looking for a community in which to be a part of then Brain Damage may be for you! We have an always ready-to-help team of knowledgeable and friendly WoW Veterans and Orange parsers. We’re here to compete, clear content, get better with every raid and have a whole lot of jokes and fun while doing it.

What we expect
We expect all of our Community members to come prepared each week for raids. This means: Consumables, World buffs and a good mindset for every raid. Officers and Class Leaders are there to help everyone be able to achieve this. We also expect that every member is vocal about problems they have within the guild so that they can be addressed.

Loot Rules:
We are a loot council guild that distributes based on attendance, participation, how big of an upgrade, and our guild wide collaborated priority list, while being as transparent as possible.

Main Raid Days
Tuesday: 815pm - 1130pm EST
Wednesday: 815pm -1130pm EST

Optional/Secondary Raid Days
Sunday: 815pm -1130pm EST ( More than likely used for MC/BWL while focusing on AQ progression)

Message me on discord Elemelons#6374 to apply!

great guild, much boss kill.

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