(H) Looking for tribal races only guild

Hello WRA,

I am looking for a guild that allows Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, and Goblins and associated allied races only. This is a guild that shares in Thrall’s vision of a shamanism, that seek to live in harmony with the natural world. It values things like strength, the hunt, spiritual tradition, and ancestral guidance. (I realize goblins are fringe to these ideas but they have WC2 credibility, have shamans, are green, and are still iconic horde)

We can’t change the fact that the undead humans and elves are now Dominant forces in the horde. I’m not racist against these groups, and I accept that the organization we still call the horde now involves these races out of desperation or strategic relevance and treats them as equal or majority stakeholders. There must be others like me who prefer that the horde had been developed differently.

I seek kindred spirits within this modern horde that want to preserve the tribal elements that have been all but lost as you look around orgrimmar to a sea of elves.


-cries in elf-

In seriousness, check out the Horde Guild Directory below while waiting for other responses!

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While the Southfury Watch allows those races in, we do not condone the notion that the Horde is better off without our allies. We allow races based on their shared connection of their love and willingness to protect the Barrens and Kalimdor- not because we dislike the other races. Thanks!


OOF, I’m so sorry Greyah, I had a total brain-mush morning and didn’t fully read. Editing my post.

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Fair enough. That makes total sense. That’s-

Uh. But they don’t-

Oh good, I thought you were serious for a moment. I-

:thinking: Okay, that sounds a bit more like racism, but-

Oh good, I was worried for a moment.

Oh. Right. Nvm. Racism.

And you just want the Horde to fit a specific fantasy, which not every race listed even fits.

I’m sorry I’m not green enough for you :stuck_out_tongue:


You can check out my guild to see if it is what you are looking for. Like the Southfury Watch, who are great people by the way, we do allow other races to join our ranks but only if their characters fit within the themes and ideals of the tribe. We believe in the idea that working together with the other races is necessary in this changing atmosphere but also the notion that traditions and what makes one their culture should be preserved. While Primarily a tauren guild we do have a few troll members and are open to anyone that wishes to join. Our forum post has links to the website and discord if you have questions!