[H] Looking for RP

Forsaken Priest LF a new home. I say Forsaken, not Horde, purposefully. I owe no allegiance to greenskins and tuskers. Tauren get a pass, but they can keep their pity.

On Grobb but server queues are inconvenient for what little play time I have and RP has retreated in the face of transfers. I’m not the best RPer, but I’m looking for a little more than emotes at the bank or “tavern rp”. How’s the community here? Any Forsaken centric RP? I’m still leveling, so finding groups for quests/dungeons is a priority.

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There is a guild (idk how active anymore) called Order of the Forsaken who was all undead.

Otherwise I know Landlubbers do a lot of RP, but are pirate themed. They aren’t race specific though. They participate in a lot of RP events with the Thunderhoof tribe, the Rogue specific guild, and some more.

I’d recommend rolling a lvl 1 on the server and talking to Sharptusk to be honest.


Thanks for the response, Karsaorlongg. I definitely intend on making a level 1 and poking around. Is there a realm discord? How’s the WPvP?

Realm Discord: // bit.ly / DeviateDiscord

Since our server is small enough, I’d say the WPvP is very nonexistent, except in certain areas. I wouldn’t be worry about it.

I leveled 1 - 37 on Grobb and then the rest here on DD and I was probably ganked on Grobb more in that 1 - 37 then I was on DD.

Hello, darling! The Order of the Forsaken’s doors are still open to those who count themselves among the dearly departed. Though we have suffered many tragedies as of late, we still endure. You are welcome as you are. We’d be delighted to have you!


I’d also endorse The Order. They are in the same circle (The Iron Circle, actually) as us (Thunderhoof), Landlubbers, Brotherhood of Blades (the rogue themed guild). The Iron Circle also works in co-op with a number of other Horde guilds to fill raid slots and throw events.

If you have not already found a home, then please consider, The Ruinous Powers. If you have any questions please let me know.

A Medium to Heavy RP Guild on Deviate Delight.

The Ruinous Powers is a guild which focuses on Darker Character Concepts.

It is a Dark Brotherhood if you will, comprised of black sheep and societal castoffs that have found a safe haven amongst each other;
black market dealers, dark mystics, assassins, thieves and criminals are amongst the ranks of this organization.

Loyalty to the Brotherhood First, Thrall be damned. (We do not oppose Thrall, but any directive from the Horde Warchief that went against The Brotherhood would be ignored.)

We have a hard focus on the characters within our guild and their stories and less so on the game story line.

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