[H] Looking for RP!

Forsaken Priest LF a new home. I’m not the best RPer, but I’m looking for a little more than emotes at the bank or “tavern rp”. How’s the community here? Any Forsaken centric RP? I’m still leveling, so finding groups for quests/dungeons is a priority.

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Hi there! Welcome to BB!

While the Roleplaying scene horde side isn’t as populated as our alliance counterparts there are some great guilds hosting events where you could get a chance to meet people IC and start some storylines. From what I’ve experienced, storylines on the horde side tend to happen on a person-to-person basis, so the best way to get connected with them is to start reaching out to folks and making friends.

I’m not super familiar with any Forsaken specific RP guilds, but there are several that are based out of UC (including my own)

Sisters of Sylvannas will be hosting our monthly “Regale-a-Tale” at the Brill Inn this Saturday starting at 7pm server time. We had a pretty good turn out last month with several of major RP guilds in attendance.

You can /who Sisters or message Nesera for more information about the story telling time.

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Thanks Phyris! The Brill event sounds like a good ice breaker. Is there a realm discord?

Realm discord info can be found here!

Is sisters of sylvanas forsaken exclusive?