H Looking for heroic raiding guild

I have a 207 boomie, 202 spriest, and 180-190ish UH DK and Vengeance DH. I’m competent on all of them. Currently I’m 4/10 H CN but I’ve done pulls on 6/10. My guild I’ve been raiding with has more or less fallen apart.

I’m looking for a guild focused on clearing heroic I do not have much interest in pushing mythic I just do not have the time/energy. Ideal raid times would be any combination of Monday through Thursday 8pm-12am EST. Being active in discord is a big plus.

Can reach me in game @ Ghekki#1639 or in discord @ Ghekki#2362

You sound like someone my guild would be interested in. We are currently 7/10 Heroic and looking to expand our roster. We run W/TH 8-10PM EST. We are mostly comprised of adults around 30 years of age. I’ll add you in game and hopefully link up with you. My btag is schwanz315#1763.

Def what i am looking for…lets chat …bt sent