[H] Looking for guild

Looking for a guild for me and a friend horde side.

I have a Vengeance DH (470) Full Heroic Ny Clear and first two of mythic.
and he has a Holy Priest (477) same experience in Ny.

We are not looking for a hardcore raiding guild, just a place we can enjoy playing with others are we get into shadow lands.

Hey there! I have recently created a guild that sounds like it might fit your bill. We are all about doing content together but not so intensely as to be mythic raiding. It is called Aristobats and we’ve just started recruiting, here is the forum post. If it sounds good to you, hit me up!

Hello, you are welcomed to come hangout with us!

Hey Dinassa, give our GM a shout. Sounds as though you would fit right in.

Hey there! Feel free to add my btag Papajohn#1909. I run a small, tight knit guild on the server. We are currently 12/12 heroic. Were a semi-casual guild, i.e, we like to get our AOTC. I’d be happy to welcome you and your friend in, however we currently dont have any healing spots available for raid. LMK if youre interested!