[H] Looking for 1 night a week casual AOTC Raiding Group in SL

Hi there, I’ve been playing on and off since Vanilla but have become increasingly a real person. From basement-dwelling teen to home-dwelling dad I have a lot less time than I used to, but still want to play at a reasonable level.

What I’m really hoping to find is a medium sized guild who raids one night per week preferably Monday-Thursday. I’ve played Holy Priest, Hunter, Warlock, and Resto Druid at CE or equivalent level in the past and would prefer to play as healer but I’m honestly flexible and just want to experience most of the current content in a manner beyond LFR and pugs.

My BNet ID is Dwaffle#1360 or you can reply here. Thanks for reading!

Hello Dwaffle!
My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around! We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable, and our main goal is to have fun together!

We raid Weds/Thurs from 8:30-10:30 pm EST. Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

You can contact me at Grimmy#1990 if you have more questions.

Here is a link to our recruitment post: [H] Evolved Gaming, 18+ gaming community recruiting! 12/12N, 12/12H Ny'alotha