[H] <Life Alert> Zul'jin - 5/10M SoD LFM

About Us:
Many of us have been playing together for several years and have a broad variety of raiding experience on our WoW CV, including multiple recent Cutting Edge achievements. We’re aiming to push progression on an efficient 2-day schedule while keeping a fun and constructive atmosphere.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday - 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST
Wednesday - 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST
Thursday (Optional, for real) - 8:00pm EST to 11:00pm EST for Heroic/Normal

Recruitment Needs:

-Unholy DK
-Enhancement Shaman


-None at this time.

-None at this time.

Applicant Requirements:
-Punctuality and Reliability; we have a 6 hour schedule, so it’s imperative that we get started on time consistently.
-Ability to accept constructive criticism; everyone wants to help everyone become a better player here, so being able to take criticism is important. It’s always delivered in a positive and constructive way.
-Good Mechanics; you know, avoid swirlies and junk.
-Recent/Relevant logs; our preference is that you have mythic experience within the last two to three tiers.
-Be as optimized as you reasonably can be (legendary, gear, sockets, enchants, etc.)
-The body of this message is too similar to what was recently posted.

Contact Us:
rainmaker#0001 (Discord) // rainmaker#11849 (Battle.net)
Autumn#3213 (Discord) // Autumn#12577 (Battle.net)

Guild Application:

You know that’s right.

Hey, just a little upward motion going on here.

Still looking for a balance druid and a mage!

If you’re a balance druid, lemme get that.

Are you an unholy DK? If so, we want youuuuuu!

Up up and away. Looking for a mage, warlock, enh. shaman, and still looking for an unholy DK.

Hello friends! Are you a ranged DPS player?! Check us out!

Up, up, and awayyyyy.