[H] LF Social/Casual Raiding Guild

I’ve started playing a bit more regularly on my days off, and I’m currently looking for a new guild. I used to be a progression raider from Wrath - Mists, and even managed to get realm first H/M Garrosh on one of my old realms, but unfortunately I am unable to raid at this point in time (at least I don’t think I am). I’m mainly looking for a guild full of helpful players who like to socialize via in-game chat or preferrably Discord, and that does casual raiding if I am able to do so in the future. I’m not too picky, so I’m definitely willing to transfer a few of my toons over if you’ll have me. I also play Overwatch and Hearthstone here and there if that interests anyone. Hope to hear from you soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can add me on BNet @ Brendanawitz#1617

Heya Mindcrime. We’re a heroic raiding guild but consider ourselves to be casual/semi-hardcore when it comes to raiding. We clear the content but we do it in a relaxed and fun environment. I know there are at least a couple of us who play overwatch here and there. We have a friendly atmosphere with jokes and sometimes a twisted sense of humor. Most of us are pretty helpful with things. And like we tell everyone…if you can make it to the raid, great. If you can’t, no problem. Feel free to contact any of us bellow or add us for more info and communication.

Crazies Again is a Horde Heroic raiding guild, currently recruiting for our raid team for Uldir and Dazar’alor, on Wyrmrest Accord server. We’re an older group…mid 20’s to late 40’s. We got a late start with Uldir and are currently 7/8H. Our goal is to achieve full clears on the current raids for normal and heroic and get as much into mythic as we can with a short raid schedule. We pride ourselves on clearing content in a relaxed, laid back environment and having a blast doing it. We also run mythic+ and some PvP.

We’re also interested in “good” people no matter what class, spec or level. New to WoW? Returning player? Higher end raider looking to take it easy in a more relaxed atmosphere? If you’re searching for a friendly and fun place to call home, then look no further.

Recruitment (Updated 12/24/18)
The following classes are currently in highest demand but any are welcome:

None (However tanks are welcome to apply-We can always switch things around. Plus tanks are useful for mythic+)


Any Class, Any Spec

Raid Schedule
• Wednesday and Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST (5:00PM-8:00PM Server)
• 2 days (6 hours a week)

• Our atmosphere is laid-back and fun with a lot of laughing, cringe and terrible puns.
• Our core still enjoys the game very much.

We supply all Flasks and Feasts. Also, for all gear obtained in the raid we will provide Enchants and Gems. This means that you no longer have to spend your gold on that 5k enchant, and can instead spend it on the 30 different transmog outfits you have.

Contact Information

Orcnbeans (Guild Leader)
BattleTag: Coldhart#1619
Varthiis (Officer)
BattleTag: JoetheToe#1911
Silexis (Officer)
BattleTag: Soluss#1870
BattleTag: DominusUmbra#11999

Greetings. :slight_smile: I’m the GM for Subject to Change, a horde guild on Turalyon.

We’re a social-everything guild - we’re a group of chill adults that love to run content together and think WoW is more fun that way.

I’ve pasted my guild ad below so you can get a feel for us. We raid Normal and Heroic, and you’d be welcome to join us when available for raids, if you decide it’s something you want to do.

Have a great Sunday :slight_smile:

Tired of the mythic grind? Mythic Vectis got you down? One too many fatal strains have you considering canceling your subscription? Still want to raid and run keys successfully but have it be enjoyable?

We are Subject to Change , and we prefer WoW to be our island getaway rather than the cause of a major heart attack. Our roster contains everyone from retired mythic raiders to keystone junkies, from returning veterans to complete newbies, and we’re looking for more! If you’re looking to decompress and dial down the intensity, get back in the fold or simply need a place to grow, we’d love to have you.

Remember, everything in life is subject to change, but WoW should always be fun.

Raids – Wed/Sun 8-10 EST
Keystones – All day, every day

Contact: Stormy#1692 (btag), Stormy#9150 (discord)

Shoulda Stayed Quit is a casual but skilled raiding guild looking for exeptional/experienced players for progression raiding and high M+ runs. Tues/Wed Raids 9PM-11:30 PST. We are 8/8H Uldir and looking to build a solid 20 man mythic raiding team in the future.
To inquire add Anicary#11831 on Bnet.
We are a pretty chill guild.

Nexus on Turalyon [H] (8/8H) is looking for a few more good people.

We are a guild that’s biggest priority is having fun while killing monsters. We believe that raid progression is important and want to push, but not at the cost of toxicity. We have a good raid group that works well together, but want to add just a few more good people. We want our raiders to have the right attitude to push content, but the ability to have fun at the same time. We are a mature guild, with average age ranging in the 30s-40s. (We have many families, and completely understand real life priorities.) We spend a good amount of time in discord, both type and chat, and have a lot of fun together.

We also spend a lot of time together doing things other than raiding, such as group farming, Keys, achievements, mount runs.

We are looking for someone who wants to have a good time and down content.

Our raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm EST

you can contact me at taransula#1161 or on disc at Bug (ง︡’-'︠)ง#6792

Hope you find the home you are looking for!


Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11PM EST.

About Us:
Cutting Corners is a guild formed by a group of experienced raiders for the purpose of providing an efficient and enjoyable raiding experience.

We originally were long time mythic raiders, this tier we’ve gotten to 3/8 Mythic but decided to settle for casual heroic, while farming Mythic + for 8.1.5 and so on.

While we are first and foremost a heroic progression guild, members are also running M+ throughout the day and some members are active in rated PvP. Our discord is extremely active and we do our best to get everyone involved in activities outside raiding and other games, we are recruiting all type of players!

Diago#1887 (Recruitment)

Hey Mindcrime,

We’re always looking for great players to enjoy our community with. I see you’re not really looking to raid, which is fine! We have lots of active members that play for a variety of reasons. Mount farming, old world content/achievement runs, etc. If you do end up finding time to raid, we can work that in too! Give us a look and hit us up if you’re interested!