[H] LF Guild


Server: Illidan

Faction: Horde

Class: Druid

Spec: Resto

Level/ILVL: Currently Leveling/ReRolling

LF: Aotc/Mythic Raiding/ Mythic + Guild

Availability: Tues/Wed 7pm-10pm or Wed/Thurs 4am-7am PST

Logs, RaiderIO and armory N/A at this moment. I have played since Vanilla and have raided with a few guilds at Heroic and Mythic levels; since then I have a fresh account and am looking to find a new guild for raiding and mythic +, along with casual PVP and other content. I would love to get back into organized group content and if you are interested please Pst or DM me on Discord.

Thank you,