[H] LF chill laid-back guild

I’m just now getting back into retail after having taken a long hiatus. I’m trying to get some new WoW experiences with a new server, new class, and new role. I want to dive into healing, as it’s something I’ve never really done before. I’ve leveled a Mistweaver Monk to 70, but found that Resto Druid really clicked for me so working on leveling him now.

Anyways, I’m looking for a chill guild to do M+ and Raids. I’m more about having a good time with friends in group content than hardcore progression, but want to do something beyond LFR. Any like-minded folks out there that could use a new resto druid? Let me know. My characters are all Plum in-game.

  • Plumdrud

Hey Plumonk,

I am GM over at Project Cloverfield and I was wondering if you would be interested in chatting a bit about joining our guild.

Please add me at BNET:bruneski#1367/Discord:bruneski#4514 and I look forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, check out our post here