[H] LF a Casual Guild that raids (Horde only)

Horde Only
405 MW Monk, HoA 44.75, has AOTC already
397 R Druid , HoA 38.

Looking for a home for casual play, weekday raid schedule 5-6 PM PST.
Small or new guilds with a near established team and first time raiding guilds ok as well.

Not looking for Discord MEME and video guild. Or a Mythic focused guild. Casual and or AOTC at a laid back pace is perfect.
Active in transmog, achvs, old content and basic M+ a plus.
contact me here please and I will shoot you a bnet invite.
Thank you and have a great day/weekend.

Hey there! Dont Die of Hyjal is an adult, casual guild focused on achieving AoTC each raid tier. We enjoy a laid back environment that sees bosses fall at a steady pace.

All we ask is that you know your class, come prepared to raids by watching guides/strats, and pull your own weight.

We are currently 9/9N 9/9H 1/9M BoD. We raid on Monday and Thursday from 8-10:30 PM Central Time.

We also try to run some Mythic+ keys on the weekends!

If you’re interested in more info please add my battle tag Wild#11964 or my Discord Wildreaver#5858.

Thanks and hope to talk to you soon!

Hi Savlanna,

< Haven > on the Rivendare cluster is an AoTC focused guild and we are currently 9/9H preparing for the next raid tier. We are mainly comprised of working adults so our group relies on us clearing content in a timely manner. Our raid nights are Tues-Thurs, 7-9:30pm PST (I know this is slightly later than you stated but I wanted to at least throw our name out there). We are currently searching for 1 additional full time healer (bonus for a monk!), so you could have a spot immediately.

Aside from prog. raiding, we like to do achievement runs, scavenger hunts, transmog competitions, and running keys on the weekends. All things you mentioned you’re looking for. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, send me a message on bnet - Raychacha#1790.

Hey Savlanna! Our weekday team is in need of a mw and our weekend team is just getting going! We raid a tad later than 6pm, but If interested in talking, please reach out! Take care :slight_smile:

we are looking for more to fill out our raid group, currently we are 9/9 normal 4/9 heroic with attempts on heroic conclave, we raid thurs/fri 830pm to 11pm est also we run mythics+ thru the week mostly on the weekends, if this interests you please contact me


Hey! Its So FLUFFY is a start up guild trying to get a core group of raiders together. I won’t spam you with our recruitment post but I encourage you to read through it. My contact info is on that post as well. Look forward to hearing from you!