[H] <Legalize Peacebloom> - It's just a plant!

Legalize Peacebloom is looking for gamers to help legalize peacebloom. We’re a dadcore casual guild with under or over 420 members that do exclusively pve and pvp content.

Weekday Raid Team is Tues/Wed 7-10:30pm
(#2 BWL & #1 MC speed clears horde side, fastest dad guild on Sulf)

Weekend Raid Team is Sat/Sun 4-7:30pm
(Double thunderfury and Hand of Rag, dumbest drops on Sulf)

Alt Raid is Mon 7-11pm (Great potential!)

Leadership is experienced and Canadian, and yes, you can play a memespec. We also have monthly duel tournaments, world pvp groups, by far the most world boss kills horde side, and other events coming :v:

We need healers, rogues, and lock try-outs specifically but will take anyone with a good attitude. Mail Bigsteve or Optimysm, check out our discord, or just slide in my dms. Let’s legalize it!! :blossom:



Don’t do it kids. Peacebloom is a gateway drug. Before you know it you will be injecting wildvine and your life will be fecked.

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There are no long term studies showing that wildvine is dangerous, just alliance propaganda

Spoken like an addict

Other day I lit up some [Fadeleaf] right in front of the Org guards. What do you think about that, elf?

Thanks to you I have developed a full blown noggenfogger dependence.

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I did a peacebloom once. Now I’m homeless.

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Well if you ever join the horde we’d give you a home


Still need healers for weekly raid?

Weekend group DOES still need healers yes! 4-7 sat/sunday (mc + ony) Whisper Optimysm/Enol/Chillbro or ask any online member to direct you to an officer!

Now I’m on to bowls of Wildvine.

Slippery slope.

Weekday group is looking for 2 dedicated priests to join our core. 7-10:30 tues/wed. Loot council. Ony/Rag on farm. PST Dripp or ask a guildie to direct you to one of the weekday raid officers.

Lv 60 w/ MC + Ony attune and a majority (if not all) of your pre-raid BiS.

I’m not a priest but can I join?

Got room for a leveling shadow priest? Still not sure if RL will allow me to be dedicated raider. Love to pvp though.


Weekday team is open to heals and dps, weekend in search of a bear tank.

Let’s legalize it

what if u think peacebloom is the devils lettuce?

Does your guild accept anyone? Cause it sure feels like it! :sweat_smile:

Almost anyone, yeah

We do big things around here

Legalize it!

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If the weekend raid team can clear most of the content on Saturday, I definitely can come along. I work on sundays, I’ve been looking around for a guild. Hit me up if u think u can work something out.

Weekend team recruiting an exceptional dps?

I’m currently in search of a weekend raid team, because of 5am shift start times >.<

I know the current content come prepared and have 6 epics from mc/ony currently. I’m in a decent guild doing 2 hour MC runs with Ony after, but the late night weekday raiding is becoming a burden.

Now with server transfers I’m seeking a chill raid group to take me in on the weekends. I also really enjoy PvP, and am leveling a warrior alt specifically for BGs whose currently lvl 51. Not that he matters atm lol.