[H] Last Pull (11/11N) (11/11H) is recruiting DPS for Shadowlands Season 4!

Hello there, Last Pull is a well established guild (est 2011) currently looking for DPS to augment our core in season 4 raiding!

Now here’s where I’m supposed to put the BS about us to make us look enticing. But the fact of the matter is, most guilds on this server are the same; We’re all friends, we’re friendly, etc…so I’m gonna get straight to the facts;

  • We always get AOTC.
  • We’re an adult guild that appreciates adult humor
  • We love to laugh in discord while playing Cards Against Humanity and Jackbox Games
  • The age range of our guildies is 30-65, we have kids, jobs, and sometimes we want to pawn one of them off on others. (I’m not telling which)
  • Our raid times for Core are Tues/Wed 6-9pm SERVER (8-11pm EASTERN) with Monday as an optional overflow day

What we’re looking for;

  • Reliable; this means showing up for raid time every tues/wed every week. We can teach a raider to be good if you keep showing up, so don’t be shy.
  • Patient; there will be wipes. We’re a team and friends; if we fall, we fall together. When we win, we win together.
  • Passionate about your class/spec; If your passionate about it, then you’ll be be determined to improve
  • Sense of humor; as mentioned before, we’re an adult guild. There will be adult jokes, so if you’re easily offended, then don’t apply.
  • Laid back; Seriously, you’re gonna be our friend whether you like it or not :wink:

The best ways to reach us;

  • In game whisper or mail: *Trukarak-BlackwaterRaiders, Christae-BlackwaterRaiders, or Daniela-BlackwaterRaiders

  • Apply directly through the Guild Finder

  • Send a carrier pigeon to my location

I’ve been with this guild since Throne Of Thunder, back when we were still known as End Game.
I’ve had the pleasure of running with some truly exceptional players here.
Also exceptionally weird players.
We always manage to have a blast while still being able to down big baddies.

Looking to fill out our roster for the upcoming Season 4 Fated Raids and into Dragonflight!

We can always use quality DPS!
Extra kudos if you keep up an off-spec for healing or tanking for those special moments.

It’s also worth mentioning that we host a super casual normie raid on the weekends (“Plan B”) for alts and for friends regardless of guild tags.
Things get weird
And things get fun
It’s a no-stress, laid back, wacky-good time with an eccentric & eclectic, diverse group of deviants.
If you wanna join in feel free to hit up myself or that Trukarak guy on BWR!

We’ve been at this for quite a while. Feel free to check out some of our old school moments here:
Last Pull TV !