[H] Last Pull (11/11N) (10/11H) is recruiting Ranged for Sepulcher!

Hello there, Last Pull is a well established guild (est 2011) currently looking for Ranged to augment our core in Sepulcher!

Now here’s where I’m supposed to put the BS about us to make us look enticing. But the fact of the matter is, most guilds on this server are the same; We’re all friends, we’re friendly, etc…so I’m gonna get straight to the facts;

  • We always get AOTC.
  • We’re an adult guild that appreciates adult humor
  • We love to laugh in discord while playing Cards Against Humanity and Jackbox Games
  • The age range of our guildies is 30-65, we have kids, jobs, and sometimes we want to pawn one of them off on others. (I’m not telling which)
  • Our raid times for Core are Tues/Wed 6-9pm SERVER (8-11pm EASTERN) with Monday as an optional overflow day

What we’re looking for;

  • Reliable; this means showing up for raid time every tues/wed every week. We can teach a raider to be good if you keep showing up, so don’t be shy.
  • Patient; there will be wipes. We’re a team and friends; if we fall, we fall together. When we win, we win together.
  • Passionate about your class/spec; If your passionate about it, then you’ll be be determined to improve
  • Sense of humor; as mentioned before, we’re an adult guild. There will be adult jokes, so if you’re easily offended, then don’t apply.
  • Laid back; Seriously, you’re gonna be our friend whether you like it or not :wink:

The best ways to reach us;

  • In game whisper or mail: *Trukarak-BlackwaterRaiders, Christae-BlackwaterRaiders, Daniela-BlackwaterRaiders, or Thendris-ShadowCouncil

  • Apply directly through the Guild Finder

  • Send a carrier pigeon to my location


Hi, my name is Ravenhawk.

Hi Ravenenhawk

Before I joined Last Pull, I was a mediocre rogue, stalking Westfall, camping lowbies, stealing candy from children…

Joining Last Pull changed my life and turned things around for me. I still do all that stuff before I joined, but I no longer a mediocre rogue, just slightly improved and have a fancy tabard now. :grin:


Now that the tanks and heals are in order, opening up recruitment to dps! Come be a part of our family! ;D

Recently joined up with this lot and it’s been a ton of fun. Laid back guild that takes raiding seriously enough to actually get achievements done. Can’t wait to save our DPS from standing in damage :joy:

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sheepishly raises hand "That would be me… :grin:

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Im just trying to help you parse on warcraftlogs :upside_down_face:

I wear these when I DPS. Gotta keep those healers busy.

Are you folks looking for a dps shaman? Or a warrior of some kind? I enjoy playing those two classes.

We’re always open to adding DPS to our family, thanks to flexible raids.

Cool I sent an app through ye ole guild finder on my Shaman.

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Hey Truk, long time no play with. I’m just coming back to the game after a 2 year vacation. You guys still recruiting? I’d kinda like to come back to BWR.

Nimaj, Im sorry we had closed recruitment at the time, if we dint have so many melee in guild I would have loved to have you >.<

Anyways, Re-Opening recruitment for SoD Heroic and future mythic. Our current roster fluctuates 16-21 in heroic and I’m looking for reliable ranged dps to fill the slots for a reliable 20 man in preparation for casual mythic after we finish our heroic push.

We’re the first horde side guild on the realm to achieve Sylvanas on normal.

I’ve been with this guild since Throne Of Thunder, back when we were still known as End Game.
I’ve had the pleasure of running with some truly exceptional players here.
Also exceptionally weird players. Wonderfully weird.
The day I leave this guild is the day I leave WoW.