[H] Kirtonos | <Abyss> | Semi-Casual | Mon/Wed 7:30-11PM EST. Recruiting!


We are recruiting to fill out the rest of our roster for Raiding. Why pick us over the plethora of other guilds available? Take a moment to read further, you just might like it.

About Us

We stem from a core group of raiders stemming from Vanilla and have stayed together until the end of Cataclysm - longevity and experience is not something you have to wonder about with us. We have the cooperation, loyalty and companionship needed for what made Vanilla so great in the first place.

Mission Statement

We are here to enjoy and re-experience the Vanilla content. Emphasis on enjoy. A lot of people missed out on Vanilla raiding in general, but even more so a whole plethora of people missed out on content such as Naxxramas. We believe all of the “world firsts” in regards to this content already happened over a decade ago, we will go at our own pace clearing this content that has been brought back after so long. We are all now a decade older and wiser, the content will absolutely be cleared, but why rush through such a unique chance to re-experience what Classic has to offer?

Raid Days & Times

We are all older now with much more responsibilities than when we were teenagers whether its full-time jobs, families, spouses/partners, etc. Thus we won’t be pushing for anyone to stay late to clear another boss, the end time is the set end time.

The raid days are:

  • Monday & Wednesday 7:30PM-11PM EST.
  • We are 8/9 AQ40 (just viscidus not down).

DKP Loot System

We use DKP. We don’t loot council at all, we believe in you spending the points the way you want as you earn them.

We earn DKP hourly, and if a raid night finishes early you’re still awarded full raid night DKP (we’re not gonna punish you getting better at clearing).

It’s private bid, every one that’s interested only gets one bid and the highest bidder wins. You set your own price based on your own desire. That way you’re deciding what you want most, not a council deciding for you. When an officer also needs the item being bid on, a different officer, that doesn’t need the item at all, will handle the bids.


  • Raid Attuned
  • Demonstrate patience and cooperation in a team setting.
  • Willingness to learn and communicate.
  • Want to be a part of a community.
  • Have discord.
  • Melee/hunter have nature resist set

Currently Recruiting in Order of Priority:

Please Note: this is NOT for a second raid team or anything, this is for the one and only raid core.

  • 4-5 Physical DPS (Hunters, Rogues & Warriors)
  • 2 Mages
  • 1 Warrior Tank
  • 3-4 healers (shaman, priest or druid)

** To be Transparent: We had a small chunk leave to join a more hardcore guild even though we cleared AQ40 in 1 night (other than viscidus)


You can contact any of the following for further information or interest:

  • Zanti
  • Ummyx
  • Underwhelmed
  • Backlash
  • Noctellios
  • Olgarn
  • Donutwater

Ending Note

If you’re looking for a guild where you’re not just a cog to get the raid machine turning, to feel recognized and remembered, to be a part of a stable community that has been around for close to a decade - then consider Abyss .