[H] <Karma Horde> 7/10M - Seeking War for 9.2!


is recruiting exceptional players for CE Progression


We are currently 7/10 M - 10/10 H - 10/10N

|Elevate Your Gameplay|
Have you always wanted to push CE but just never found the right team? Are you willing to elevate your own gameplay to the next level and do so in a positive raid environment?

|Join Karma Horde|
We are looking for mythic capable players who are consistent, friendly, willing to learn and willing to work for CE. This means dedicating yourself to mastering your class, showing up with a working knowledge of the fights and being flexible to the needs of the team as we push content.

Raid Times

Tuesday & Thursday
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Eastern

Currently Recruiting Spec
Warrior DPS
Shaman DPS
Monk DPS
Paladin Heals
*All High Performers Encouraged to Apply!

We focus on providing a positive raid atmosphere that kills bosses, we want this to be the last guild you ever want to be in. While we are serious about raiding we also want people to have fun and enjoy themselves while doing it.

# Discord Contact:

Sig#4673 | Gingersnap#6581 |

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Bump- LFM dps to trial this week! Hit us up ^^

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What’s this? A solid guild looking for ranged dps to shore up their mythic roster? Sounds amazing! (Apply today!)


Making good progress on Painsmith, going to kill the guild-killer. Don’t miss out, apply today!

Still seeking a few more exceptional dps to add to our roster! Spots open tonight!

Come hang out where our streamer and his cat fist bump during raid

Trial spots for next week open! Solid prog on painsmith

bump bump come kill painsmith with us lol

Good team with solid members. The jokes are horrible but they’re all still laughing. Great atmosphere.

Still a few dps spots open ^^

Come trial with us this week!!

bump cuz painsmith is painful but he is dead woo

Guardian down too ^^

Still looking for solid applications!

Still looking for a solid war, boomy, mage and Spriest! ^^

Wtb solid warrior k thx :blush:

I understand this post is mostly for end game and already seasoned players. Is your invitation exclusive to that scope?

I’m a returning player since stopping in Legion back in late 2017. I play a main as an Arms Warrior and have speced with Fury in the past. I also have Frost DK, and just created a Balance Druid. It’s been some time, I’ve forgot a good amount, and I’m pretty rusty.

From your post it seems like you’re a friendly group. Let me know if you have room for someone trying to get back in the swing of things. I enjoy helping with what I can and eventually would like to be a contributing member to a raid group.

Hey there Pound! First off- welcome back! Hope you are enjoying the game again.

So the guild actually had two raid teams. The main mythic team and then a heroic / intro to mythic team that raids the same days/times as the mythic team. They are a pretty chill bunch too. If you would be interested I’d be happy to hook you up with the heroic team’s raid leader to organize a trial. You always have the option of applying for the mythic team once you get some gear and experience on the fights under your belt. In fact a good portion of our current mythic roster started out on the heroic team first.
Then of course everyone does keys and other things together from both teams throughout the week.

If you are interested add me in game on my btag: Sigaba#11938

Either way thank you for your time and hope you are having a great holiday season ^^

Still seeking solid warrior/mage/boomkins but any solid DPS or flex players encouraged to apply!!

Would consider hpal as well as ours is considering a swap next tier ^^

Seeking exceptional DPS trials for this week’s reclear!