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camaraderie; mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together

Barthilas Horde

JHTI (formally known as Exit Wound) is a unique guild which doesn’t fit into many of the typical WoW guild niches. JHTI was originally formed at the beginning of Cata and has been an active raiding guild pushing mythic (heroic back in the day) up until today with only taking a small break at the end of MoP.

Most of the current core team have been raiding together since early WoD days but an even smaller group of the core dates back to Cata days. JHTI would be classed as semi-hardcore with a spash of casual as we like to encourage an enjoyable raiding environment whilst striving for top performance from our raid team in order to get the best progression we can get with the team we have.

From Vanilla players to fresh players only started in Legion, we welcome all who are willing to contribute positively to our small and friendly community. We pride our guild on loyalty and have a strong 'guild like' mindset. We have now wound down from Mythic Progression and seek to become Curve Raiders in both Normal and Heroic. We encourage people who still love the game to join us but don't wish to commit to hardcore raiding but still want to see content in a less stressful environment. Being ex-mythic raiders, we still expect people who wish to raid with us to still have the same ethic and care when approaching raid.

If you’re looking to trial with JHTI, our expectations are;
• Positive attitude with progression raiding
• Decent computer system and internet connection
• Keeping your raiding character as current and optimised as possible – full gems and enchants (the best quality)
• Ability to bring your own consumables at highest quality – flasks, food and runes.
• Ability to take direction and accept constructive criticism.
• Excellent communication with the Leadership team in regards to lateness/absences
• Must use Discord and have a working microphone and ability to communicate with the team where applicable. Raid Days; Mondays and Thursdays
Raid Times; 9pm – 11pm EST (8.45 Invites - STRICT)

Currently Recruiting;
Tanks; Closed but Also looking for a Flex DPS/Tank
Healers; Closed
Melee; Closed
RDPS; Open
We welcome other people to join our community if you don't wish to raid.

If you think you fit in with our expectations, we’d love to hear from you! Please add the following battlenets;
• ItsOnlyRen#1376
• Lyc#11918
Currently 7/8 N , 2/8H Uldir. Needing Ranged Dps Mages, Hunters and Warlocks.
Currently 7/8 H , 2/8M Uldir. Needing Ranged Dps Mages, Warlocks, Boomkins and Spriests.
Still looking for raiders. Come join usssss :)
Still looking for committed DPS to join our ranks! show us ya logs! lol
Still on the hunt for DPS - Any class at this point! Needing committed people for mythic progression.

Current Prog

8/8M - 2/8M
Recruiting DPS - Any class at this point! Needing committed people for mythic progression.

Current Prog - 8/8H - 2/8M

A social Guild recruiting active players to join our friendly community. Specializing in Curve Raiding and M+ content. 2hrs a night 3 nights a week. 9-11SvT Wed,Thurs,Mon. pst for more info.

Recruiting for Dragonflight :slight_smile:

Still recruiting?

390MM and 398 Fury lf raiding guild