[H] Internet Thugs - BWL recruitment

Hello again,

Due to some of our members becoming baby daddies IRL, we are finding ourselves a few good people short on raid nights and are in need of your talents. We currently have openings for a warlock and hunter but are open to other classes if logs are good. Currently we are 6/8 in BWL and will be finishing the last 2 tonight.

There are many guilds out there, why should you choose us? We try and fit a certain niche that other guilds may not capture. We have a lot of members who have been in server first guilds/private server guilds that enjoy taking a more relaxed approach to the game. Most of us have families and obligations throughout the week, so we don’t have mandatory raid attendance and understand if things come up. However, we do want someone who can reliably be there as we only run one raid core. As raid lead, I promise I won’t lose my cool on you if you make one mistake like some guilds who try to be hardcore but can’t cut it. Even though we take a relaxed approach, we do expect you to bring it when we raid. We are currently in the top 3 for raid progression horde side.

If you made it this far, I’m proud of you. I know two paragraphs is a lot and i applaud you for your tenacity.

We need some gangstas who can press buttons to fill our raid. Need emo mage and Legolas.

Raid Times
Tue/Thur 8-11 EST

hit me or chewtoy up in game or DM me on discord Mahvel#3363

Would you accept a decently geared rogue?

Absolutely, add me on discord and we can chat.

Just a quick shoutout. Internet Thugs is one of the most underrated guild on this server and definitely a top guild.


One of the best worst guilds.
We’re pretty hardcore, at least according to the spreadsheet.


bumpity bump

Now 8/8 hit us up!

Let’s slay some dragons

8/8 BWL with 35 peeps.

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Still need an exceptional rogue and warlock.

Just need 1 warlock

Need one hunter who can be consistent with raid times.

Do you have t1 pants and xbow drops? I might know a guy.

T1 hunter pants yeah. Can we sub the xbow with an xbox?

yeah we dont get weapons and pants are optional.

In need of one resto shaman.


Recruiting one resto shaman

Still need totem dropping healer boi

Recruiting one resto shaman!

Bump for good peoples

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