[H]< Insomnia> 5/10 M is recruiting

Ohai! I bring the bumps and…


Bump but no singing from me. :slight_smile:

Come raid with one who has what can’t be taught!

Still need 3 Dps!

Still looking for those chads!

Many bumps…

I am on a alliance pop server as horde and My guild has become less raid clearing this xpac. I am looking for a very active, chill, social and outgoing guild to join so I can get heroic full clears without having to search for pug groups to get full clears becuase my guild is un able and they are just doing the skip to down Sylvanas with no luck after 5 weeks of trying without me. I am willing to transfer relms to find a guild to call home that has all my needs.

Shoot spaz or raearia a message and maybe we can get you in for a trial run.

What do we want? More people! When do we want them? Now!

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Shoot anyone in the guild a message and we can set up some Discord chats!

Ok, I was in Texas for the NASCAR race the past few days and will be back on later today.

Sounds good

Come raid with new friends!

When I log in today I will send a request out to spaz

You guys have Heroic on farm?

Still looking for more peeps!

New patch this week, hmm…

Hey, you guys still have opening in guild? I am about to server xfer from dalaran becuase my guild is dying and I am sick of being on a dang Alliance 500 v 1 when questing.
Edit: I kinda took a break from WOW this week and decided to wait for the patch this Tuesday. I am really loooking for a active and social guild to call a home.

Yes we do! add me on bnet Raearia#1312

Ninja lick!