[H] <Impact> Area 52 - 6/9H LF Healers and DPS


Server: Area-52

Faction: Horde

Days: Tuesday and Wednesday (optional alt run on Friday)

Times: 8-11 PM EST

About us:

We are an established guild with veteran raiders looking to expand our roster.

We are recruiting for Heroic and Mythic progression. Raid times are Tue/Wed 8-11 pm EST. We are a laid back guild, but we take our raiding very seriously. We only raid 6 hours per week, so we make the most of our time. When it comes to progression raiding, the best 20 go every week – no exceptions.

18+, must have Discord(we only require you to be able to hear us) and a good attitude.




Having a decently geared healer/tank off spec helps but is by no means required.

For more information, contact via BattleNet/Ingame:

IGN: Lyrinth-Area52 (SaltyOkra#1660)

IGN: Miyäbi-Area52 (Calycakes#1609)

IGN: Luckí-Area52 (Lucky#13589)

IGN: Levisa-Area52 (Levi#1657)

IGN: Epiphone-Area52 (ForTheOcean#1846)

You can also PM on here if you like.