spots are almost full for our full Mythic raiding roster…pst good job team and welcome to our new peeps!!

Looking few more peeps

we are filling fast a couple open spots for a few lucky people lets get those mythic kills fast :slight_smile:

just a bump roster is looking great for new raid…come join us!

looking for another kickass healer hit me up in game Stormyxia#1386

Bumping-- Still looking for heals and range dps

Feel free to reach out to us through PM, in game message or respond to this post. Thank you and look forward to discussing further!

Still recruiting. Thank you and look forward to discussing further!

as the new patch approaches we have a few spots left looking for Healer and a powerful DPS hit me up Stormyxia#1386

welcome to our new members: we still have a couple spots open for a healer and DPS pst me Stormyxia#1386 in game

Just a bump we still have room on our core roster for a Healer and DPS hit us up in game :slight_smile:

bumping it still have room for a great DPS and Healer for our mythic raid team!!

Looking for More dedicated players

Looking for good and geared players ready to push mythic

we have a few more raid spots open for those that want to find that team! hit us up :slight_smile: Stormyxia#1386 in game

Lets go Healers…

Healers… Where are you?

Ranged DPS and Healers wanted: but will take any qualified raider :slight_smile: hit us up we start heroic tomorrow!! Stormyxia#1386-in game

4 people. Rogue, Guardian Druid, Holy Pally/Resto Sham, DPS DH/Feral. Please add me BadgerFuzz#11483

Lets get more peeps in