:family_man_boy_boy: Guild: THE ANNIHILATION
:earth_africa: Realm: ILLIDAN

:date: Schedule: Tue & Wed (8PM – 11PM CST) Realm Time
:trophy: Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore
:roller_coaster: S2 Prog: 9/9N | 9/9H | 3/9M - 07/14/2023

Welcome to our guild, a community of former Hardcore World of Warcraft players who have come together to enjoy the game in a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Our goal is to kill bosses on Heroic to earn AOTC quickly and progress through Mythic Raids while still having fun and maintaining a healthy balance with real-life commitments.

We understand that not everyone can dedicate endless hours to the game, which is why we only raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 PM to 11 PM Central Time. Our team is comprised of mature and great players who share the same passion for the game and enjoy playing with like-minded individuals.

Many of our members have a rich history of playing in the top US guilds, which has helped us to develop an efficient and effective raiding style. We are always on the lookout for skilled players who want to join our team and contribute to our success.
If you’re looking for a community of experienced players who prioritize enjoyment over excessive commitment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Join us and experience the thrill of progression without sacrificing your personal life.

Currently Recruiting
⏳ Recruitment is open to ALL classes ⏳


Contact in-game: Ham#1184


Looking for players

Connect with me via BTAG Ham#1184

LFHealers: if you are interested hit me up. Stormyxia#1386 :smile:

We generally have an officer(s) online and can be reached in game as well. Bäiñê or my alt Bahtila are online throughout the mid to early afternoons and evening.

Heals and DPS needed

Heals and DPS needed

Still Recruiting

Range DPS and one more heal

Looking for more

just a bump: healers come talk to me we still have spots open along with ranged dps :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting!!!

more range dps

We are still recruiting!!!

Need Range DPS

just a bump :slight_smile:

Currently at work but I feel like you guys are a right fit for me. I would love to talk with you all. Can y’all add me on discord (Lookmaan#1466) so we can further talk?

added you few min ago

Need RANGE DPS and 1 more healer

just a bump still need Range DPS and healer!!